Bonding Services

Rabbits prefer their own company, so we offer a bonding service for our resident rabbits to be paired up with yours.

Bonding rabbits can be quite difficult and often it’s not something rabbit owners feel confident doing. Your cute cuddly rabbit can turn into a demon fighter in an instant and that’s very scary to see, so we offer this service for a stress-free bond…we just stress instead!

Not every rabbit will get along with the first rabbit they see and sometimes it can be a lengthy process, its often best to start in a mutual place where both rabbits haven’t been before and often this can be difficult to do at home along with them living separately to start with.

Bonding can be a journey into the depth of the unknown, so we make sure to keep communications open with you throughout, then we can discuss how things are going. Often open minds while bonding is best as some rabbits are very fussy on their partners just like we are!

Our prices include accommodation, dry foods, vegetables/fruit and bedding.

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The Littlest Lives Rescue Bonding Service FAQs

We offer a bonding service which involves both bunnies staying side by side at one of our bonder’s houses. The bunnies live side by side so they can get used to each other’s company and are introduced face to face under supervision daily. We will keep the bunnies in our care until they are fully bonded, or until we decide the bonding isn’t going to work out.

This completely depends on the individual rabbits and how well they get along; this is something we can’t predict until we try bonding them. On average it takes around a week, but this can vary.

Yes, if you tell us the diet your bunny is on, we will include this in the price.

Sadly, this does sometimes happen. Rabbits aren’t always compatible, and it is about finding the right match for your bunny! If bonding doesn’t work out, we will give you the option of trying another bunny if we have any available. Failing this, your bunny will return home until we can find a suitable match to try again.

Yes, we do the initial bonding, but it doesn’t stop as soon as they arrive home. The bond strengthens over the following weeks to months. Firstly, it’s important that the space that is going to be used by the newly bonded bunnies, has been cleaned down and any scent removed so that it is neutral. Also, it is important to restrict the bunnies’ space within the first week or so of them arriving home. Giving them too much space too soon can sometimes cause the bond to break down.

Bonding can be very time consuming and stressful. Our bonders can spend hours every day trying to bond bunnies and therefore we feel it’s only fair to charge for this.

If you have never bonded bunnies before, we strongly recommend letting us do the bonding for you. A neutral environment is really important for bonding which may be difficult to achieve at home. Bonding can be quite dangerous, and bunnies can easily be injured if it isn’t done correctly which is why we think it is best to leave it to someone that is very experienced.

Absolutely. All our bonders are very experienced with rabbits and will look after them like they are their own. We understand it can be difficult for you and we would certainly miss our bunnies if they went away, but it is so worth it when they can come home with a friend that gives them happiness for life!