Boarding & Grooming Services

Please note: we are inundated with rescue bunnies at present, so unfortunately we are unable to take bookings for boarding until we can relocate/expand the rescue. 

We offer a boarding service for rabbits and guinea pigs while you are away on holiday or are unable to care for them at home for whatever reason.

We will always look after your pet as if they were our own and we have dedicated volunteers who come in daily to help clean and feed our animals. They also take great pleasure in making your pets stay as comfortable as possible, cuddles or no cuddles!

We have hutches of different sizes (minimum 6’ x 2’ x 2’) and are able to cater for both bunnies or piggies. Your family friend will also get to stretch their legs every day in our outdoor runs, making sure they get some fresh air, grass and the exercise they need to keep healthy and happy.

We work with a brilliant team of vets nearby so if your pet may fall ill or we have any worries we are able to get them the care they need, we will ask you to fill out a form before you leave with your vets’ details on so if we need to we can speak or visit them. All vet care given whilst on holiday would be your finical responsibility however we would always contact you beforehand to get permission, you would never come back to an unknown vet bill.

Our boarding service prices include accommodation, dry foods, vegetables/fruit and bedding. Costs for both rabbits and guinea pigs are as follows:

Single (per day): £4
Pair (per day): £6
Per extra rabbit/guinea pig (per day): £2

Please email us at for more information or to book. 


We offer grooming services for both rabbits and guinea pigs:

Rabbit nail clip: £4
Guinea pig nail clip: £4

If you require a full rabbit or guinea pig groom including bathing (guinea pigs), de-matting etc, please email us

Two small gray rabbits